Chiang Mai is a attractive city in the Upper of Thailand from the province of the same brand. It is a modern community with the ancient root beginnings which are still apparent there. Because of the precise location of the city near the top mountains of Thailand and on the sea Ping, there are many amazing places near the town. But because of the tactical location Chiang No have been in control of lots of trading routes inside North of Thailand. This might be one good reason why the city has become famous shopping spots for many years.

Chiang Niente affatto is still famous for browsing. A lot of people from through out Thailand visit the city’s markets, malls and also shops. There are also a great deal of foreign tourists traveling to Chiang Mai. Roughly every year between – 4 million along with 2 million unusual tourists visit Chiang Mai. Many of them visit this page for shopping. Different a lot of foreign business men and businesswomen who have come to this metropolis to buy Thai handicrafts and arts in addition to send them available for purchase to their home international locations.

So if you come to Chiang Mai where scenario go shopping? Almost everywhere, for the reason that city is full of department stores, markets, shops plus boutiques. There are no less than 15 markets during the city. The city is usually famous for its countless workshops. It is a crucial center of Thai arts and handmade items. There are many boutiques on the city that concentrate on selling quality older binoculars and furniture. Additionally there are quite a few interesting galleries in the city.

The evening Bazaar

The Night Bazaar is probably the most famous position for shopping while in the city. It is based at the intersection involving Chang Khlan Path and Loi Khro Road, but when you arrive there you will see that the Night Bazaar is huge plus it sprawls in every route from the intersection for two main blocks from it. You can perform your shopping right now there on the streets, within the buildings and even about the temple’s ground.

You will discover almost anything there via antiques to modern-day electronic products. Most situations there you can buy more affordable than in other places. Its shopaholics’ paradise.


Chiang Mai’s Riverside is another great destination for shopping inside the city, especially if you are seeking more exclusive and even more expensive quality merchandise. It is especially fine area for buying silk, textiles, household furniture, art and old binoculars.

Modern Malls

For anyone who is too hot soon after shopping at the Nighttime Bazaar and you would want to cool down, the great destinations to go are Chiang Mai’s modern centers. The most popular malls from the city are Key Plaza Chiang Per niente Airport, which is established near the International Airport, but not far from the center of the metropolis, and Kad Suan Kaew Central Nearby mall, located on Huay Kaew Road. The malls are generally fully air trained and are great regions for both looking and relaxation. Products to watch some Thai or western motion pictures, there are some great cinemas at the Central Lugar Chiang Mai International airport where you can also watch a film in 3D.